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The most advanced beauty and hair styling business interface and appointment management in the world, that will march your business forward to the future!
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Everything you need in a single platform


A variety of tools to construct an ongoing relationship with your customers


Broaden your customer base

Broaden your new customer base and optimize your revenues!

Maintain contact with every client

Create a continuous and high-quality connection with your client base, via a smart management system

Coordinating appointments with a click of the mouse

Advanced appointment calendar for optimal management of the schedule of both employees and customers, all on a single integrated platform

Preserving regular customers

The system ensures your regular customers are preserved, with communications suitable for every client, and sending the best possible offers at the most appropriate times!

Now is your opportunity to provide high quality customer service, enabling personalized approaches to any client!

A chat like platform developed especially for high quality customer service and management, enabling you to respond to customer requests rapidly, at any time, and provides you with the data required to provide a personalized solution appropriate for any client!

Complete and comfortable control of every aspect of your business at the tips of your fingers!

A back office for advanced, easy to perate management to rapidly and significantly improve your business output!
This function serves as a "personal assistant" that concentrates for you, in a single location, all the information you require to run your business in the best possible way, starting from keeping a unified, smart meeting calendar, through managinf inventory and analysis/reports if income from products and sales, to managing and analyzing the marketing and digital media array of the business efficiently and easily (including business Facebook page, business google, home page and so forth).

Advanced appointment calendar for smart and optimal management of your business schedule! Anytime, anywhere!

An appointment calendar developed specifically for the world of hair styling. Integrates all functions relevant to yourself and your employees in a single unified calendar which easily synchronizes with google and outlook calendars, enabling you to utilize your time with maximum efficiency and immediately maximize your business income!
Minimum time, maximum efficiency, no personal assistant required.

Managing your business online from a single site

All appointments and the homepage can be managed from a single platform!! The same platform enables you to upgrade or construct a site with the most advanced available technology, with the most up-to-date designs, and an easy to operate management system. You can manage appointments, orders, poroducts and the entire content of the site at any given time and from any place without installing any special system.

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So after months of shutdown as a result of the corona virus, the market is slowly returning to life, and the demand for various services is making a comeback. Accordingly, hair stylists prevented from receiving customers for a long time, have finally returned to work – and maybe even face an upsurge in demand for their services, compared to the pre-corona period.