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It is not for nothing that it is said that necessity is the mother of all invention. When we have an unanswered need, we immediately aspire to find a solution.

That is what happened to many female professionals. Used to manage their time with pinpoint efficiency, they frequently found that the activity requiring the most time was the need to coordinate an appointment at the hairdresser. They need to call in, hope to reach the stylist when they are available, and then coordinate by phone, while the hair dryer is working in the background, a time convenient for both. Not a simple affair.

What if it could all be done much more simply? This the question which gave birth to "hairtime" – an online platform to reserve appointments specifically designed for hair stylists. The platform enables reserving an appointment to a hair stylist with a click of a button anytime and anywhere. The duration of the time window reserved is dependent on the type of desired service (dyeing, male or female haircut, blow-dryer hair styling), synchronized automatically with the hair salon calendar and the personal calendar of the client. The system is based on innovative technology which provides all of the solutions a hair stylist needs – in a single application.
Everyone benefits from this invention – the hairstyle is freed from the administrative burden and the cost of employing a receptionist and can devote his full attention to his clients. The clients can make an appointment easily and rapidly and gain the hair stylist's undivided attention when they submit to his care.
This platform is a must for any hair stylist.

Reserve an appointment with the click of a mouse – Hair-Time.
The future of your business is only a mouse click away!

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