So after months of shutdown as a result of the corona virus, the market is slowly returning to life, and the demand for various services is making a comeback.

Accordingly, hair stylists prevented from receiving customers for a long time, have finally returned to work – and maybe even face an upsurge in demand for their services, compared to the pre-corona period.

So if you are hair stylists who interested in returning back to business as usual in your hair salon and doing so in an orderly, parsimonious and correct manner, we have concentrated for you several tips which will help you achieve this goal.

Preparation in accordance to health regulations

The first action you need to undertake is to observe the new regulations, safeguarding the health of the hairstylists and clients – and also, of course, avoiding fines.

Hang signs

To avoid needless explanations and chatter (it is, after all, difficult to talk with the hair-dryer on), it is recommended you hang several clearly worded signs concerning the issues of maintiaing distance and waiting one's turn.

Orderly appointment making

One action which can massively improve the efficiency of work in the hair salon and prevent crowds and violation of the directives, is through setting up orderly appointments. An innovative system to coordinate appointments with a click of the mouse enables clients to set ip orderly appointments in the proper time, without overcrowding the salon or waiting for their treatment.

Keep yourself updated on the calendar

While the application does make your life, and that of your clients, much easier, it is important to occasionally update yourself in the appointment calender, see what slots have cleared up and what slots have filled upp, and to make new appointment available as need be.

Stay open to change

The corona pandemic has taught us that some things are stronger than us and our routine and so that it is always important to be open and flexible to changes – whether we choose them or they choose us. That is why we recommend any hair salon owner and any business owner in general, retain flexibility and openness to changes and bear in mind that even should these changes seem troublesome, as time passes they may turn out to be quite positive.