Many hair stylists are familiar with the situation in which, as they are treating patients, incoming calls arrive from other customers who wish to make an appointment. Unable to return the call at that moment, and sometimes unable to find the time or successfully make contact with the caller, these potential clients might be lost, harming the hair stylist's livelihood.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that today, thanks to an appointment coordination system at the click of a mouse, these hair stylists can rest easy knowing that there clients have a simple, efficient and simple means of reserving hair salon appointments and they can focus on their work.

One platform – many advantages

The appointment at a click platform is in fact an innovative application which synchronizes with the calendar of the hair stylist, enabling clients to fit in to open time slots.

The platform is simple to operate, both for the hair stylists and the clients, and enables updates and changes easily, by tapping a few keys.

The system that spares time and money

A system to coordinate an appointment with a click can spare any hair stylist much time and money. Thanks to the system the hair stylist need spend valuable time returning to clients and also spares himself the need to appoint a dedicated worker who will call clients back (a high additional expense). The system will enable the hair stylist to keep order and ensure that every client who reaches the hair salon will do so after reserving an orderly appointment, which will both optimize work, and clear up time to receive more clients.

So if you too are interested in enjoying all of the manifold benefits of the system, particularly saving time and improving service at a click, you are invited to make contact and receive all the details.